Company Registration: Single-Member Company in Pakistan

Any person may form a single member company in Pakistan. Single Member Company or “SMC” means a private company which has only one member/director and will avail privileges of limiting the liability. Subject to certain modifications, all the provisions of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 which apply to private companies limited by shares will apply to single member companies. The introduction of the concept of a single member company has facilitated sole proprietorships to obtain corporate status, giving them the privilege to limit the liability of their proprietor. All the shares are vested with single member/director, however, person is required to nominate two individuals, one of whom shall become nominee director in case of death of the single member/director and the other shall become alternate nominee director to work as nominee director in case of non-availability of the nominee director and also Single-Member Company is required to appoint a company secretary.

Registering a Single-Member Company in Pakistan

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