Intellectual Property (IP) Law in Pakistan

Intellectual Property Rights are those rights which refers to the creations of the human mind such as artistic work; musical work; literary work; inventions; symbols; names; images; designs use in commerce; copyrights; trademarks; patents and related rights. These rights give exclusive right to the creators of such work to use, perform, transfer or sell these rights. On the same hand if any individual, firm, company etc. uses these rights without permission or authority of the owners of theses rights then they have the right to initiate court proceedings against the infringers by way of damages, injunctions and accounts.

AMLAW specializes in Intellectual Property Laws. We advise on the protection and registration of trademarkscopyrightspatents, industrial designs, geographical indications, Internet domain names, etc. in Pakistan.

AMLAW also advises on information and technology transfers and drafts and negotiates licensing and franchising agreements.

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