Property & Real Estate Law in Pakistan

AMLAW is involved in providing services and assistance to our valued clients in buying and selling of both movable and immovable properties & real estate in Pakistan. We also provide our services to facilitate the required permissions, etc. for setting up various industries, factories, commercial complexes, industrial and residential estates, etc. across Pakistan.

AMLAW offers a broad spectrum of services in property & real estate in Pakistan including following:

  • Investigate & verify title documents of the property
  • Investigate & verify mutation in favor of the vendor
  • Obtain a fresh copy of Fard (فرد) from relevant sub-registrar
  • Obtain a certified copy of Aks-Shajra (map)
  • Obtain a certified copy of Tatima/Supplementary Map of the property
  • Demarcation details
  • Drafting of the documents
  • Registration of conveyance deed
  • Transfer of title
  • Entries in relevant government record
  • Obtain a NOC, if necessary
  • Verification of the Power of Attorney of the vendor, if any
  • Verification of other documents e.g lease deeds, mortgage deeds, gift deeds etc., if any

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Please do not hesitate to contact us for any property or real-estate related legal services in Pakistan.