Trademark Registration in Pakistan

A trademark is a distinctive sign or indication of some kind which includes in particular a device, brand, heading, label, ticket, name including personal name, signature, word, letter, numeral, figurative element, colour, sound or any combination thereof which is used by an individual, firm, company, business organization etc. to identify the source of its products and services to consumers and to distinguish its products and services from those of other entities.

AMLAW is providing undermentioned services for the protection and registration of trademarks in Pakistan:

  • Advise on the registrability of Trademarks
  • Trademark search before filing of application. To avoid conflicts with earlier trademarks it is advisable to conduct trademark searches before the trademarks registry if any similar mark is on the record or not.
  • Filing and prosecuting trademarks, service marks, collective marks, certification marks applications before the Trade Marks Registry.
  • Opposition Procedure, if any, trademark opposed
  • Conducting searches to detect opposing Trademarks and applications
  • File and Prosecute Slogan Registration applications
  • File Trade Names publication requests
  • Renew Registrations
  • Investigate the status of registrations and the scope of protection
  • Investigating Trademark infringements
  • Analyze and advise on Trademark infringement
  • Enforce Trademark rights against infringers
  • Drafting of license agreements

AMLAW also provides complete range of  legal services in Trademarks infringement including representation before courts in Trademark disputes.

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